Friday, November 15, 2013

Beaded beads

When making beaded beads, I usually bead around a wooden bead, but today I decided to try making beads without a wooden core. I used three sizes seed beads and tubular peyote to make these.

I strung them with some Swarovski briolette beads to see how they would look as a necklace. I think my sister would like this, so even though these beaded beads are primitive, I think I will make some more.

 I was trying out some ideas for beads to submit to the Fire Mountain Gems Circle of Hope project. The beads they collect are then sold on their website, and the proceeds donated so women can receive mammograms (which is why the beads are pink.) I would like to make some more elaborate beads to send to them so I probably will use the wooden beads as a base, but these are fun to make.

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