Friday, April 10, 2015

Waterfall Necklace

Some pictures of Glen Onoko Falls in the Pocono Mountains near Jim Thorpe, Pa.

 The blue bead I found while hiking the trail that gave me the idea to bead the waterfall. I added it to the necklace, under a fern.

Close up of bracelet and necklace

I used labradorite and aquamarine beads along with two hole beads and seed beads to create the waterfall.

 Reverse view

 The sun came out for this picture

The entire piece is free form bead work incorporating brick, peyote, square, herringbone, spiral stitch and fringe. I worked on it over five months and am very happy it was chosen as a finalist.


  1. Oh Patti! This is simply wonderful! Love the large stones and the beautiful fringy tassel. congratulations!

  2. Nothing less than incredible! Thank you for your vision, patience and skill.


  3. It's my favorite work on Bead Dreams 2005!!! Amazing necklace!!! *___*

  4. Absolutely AMAZING!! I have often wanted to do some sort of beaded waterfall/ocean waves and have pretty much given up. I LOVE this necklace!!

  5. Words cannot describe how much I am blown away by this creation! So much creativity and love is evident in this piece. You are very talented indeed!!

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  7. This necklace is beautiful and exquisite! When I first saw it, I fell in love with it. I wouldn't mind purchasing a necklace like this. If you were to sell this necklace or one like it, would you and how much would you ask?