Friday, November 8, 2013

Work in Progress

This is the selection of Swarovski beads that Shipwreck awarded me for my sugar skull entry.

I picked out some of those beads and added some from my collection to use as accents on my Haute Couture necklace.

I have made two bases, one for the large center flower and a second that is to be embellished with crystals. I haven't figured out how to work the fringe/tassels in yet but I have hopes that I will be able to use them somehow. The pink is a pretty significant color in the fashion design I picked as inspiration so I will need to make sure it is represented. Instead of sequins I thought to use stars behind the crystals. 

This contest has been a bit of a stretch for me; I am not really a high fashion kind of a person. I have been trying to keep the design refined, but then I think of the show Absolutely Fabulous and I realize that I have no clue. The project is coming along slowly, in sections. I decided to make a multi layer necklace to help integrate the different components and colors. I have had some design issues; the large flower I made for the center is very heavy so making sure it is supported and hangs right is tricky.
I try to view these competitions as an assignment for a class because they tend to make me to try things I wouldn't normally think of, and that's always good because even if I don't like the finished piece I have learned something.

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