Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2014 Beading Contests

I have made a list of bead contests and projects, ordered by deadline. The first section lists ways to help others with your bead work. The second list is contests, some of which are based in the U.K. I have outlined each contest and added a link to the website. Some deadlines are TBA. 

Charitable Beading-

The Water Challenge
  Goal- to collect paper beads made by students which will be used to create funding for
     clean, safe drinking water in Tanzania
  Deadline- spring 2014
  Website- Studentsrebuild.org

Bead it Forward- Bead and Button magazine
  Goal- beaded patchwork quilts will be auctioned off at bead show to raise money to fight breast
  Deadline- March 30, 2014  Ocean, aquatic and beach themes
  Website- Bead Quilt Project

Circle of Hope- Fire Mountain Gems
  Goal- handmade beads are sold through their website to raise money for mammograms
  Deadline- ongoing
  Website- Circle of Hope

Contests, Competitions and Challenges-   

Bead Me Magazine challenge- Ashdown Broadcasting 
 Overview- chance to have work published in online magazine
  Deadline- St. Patricks Green- January 31,2014, more TBA
  Entry fee- no fee
  Categories- varied bi-monthly challenge 
  Submission requirements- photo
  Judging Criteria- how well piece suits chosen theme
  Judges- Bead Me editors/staff
  Award- project is published in online magazine
  Website- Beadme.tv

Glimpses of India- STITCH/Madeira Competition 2014
 Overview- To capture the look and feel of India in needlepoint 
  Deadline- February 21, 2014
  Entry fee- £15
  Categories- mainly free style machine embroidery and mainly hand
  Submission requirements- finished size no smaller than 8" x 8", no larger
     than 27" x 27", finished piece and photographs to be mailed to U.K. for
  Judging criteria- embroidered work may include beads, wire
  Award- £1500 worth of prizes, work exhibited at show in Birmingham U.K.
  Website- ichfevents.co.uk

Bead Dreams- Bead and Button Magazine
 Overview- contest includes many kinds of beads and jewelry categories, open
     to professional and amateur beaders around world, original work only
  Deadline- March 25, 2014 
  Entry fee- $50 per submission, 2 entries allowed
  Categories- on entry forms available December 1st
  Submission requirements- work made between March 2013 and February
  Judging Criteria-
  Judges- editors of Bead and Button, Bead Style, and Art Jewelry magazines
  Website- Bead Dreams

This I Have Wrought- Words in Needlepoint- Piecework Magazine
 Overview- A quotation is to be used in a piece of needlepoint.
  Deadline- April 1, 2014
  Entry fee- photos free, finalists $10 
  Categories- Lacemaking/Tatting, Knitting, Crochet, Beading, Needlework
  Submission requirements- finished piece no larger than 8" x 8"°,  send
     photographs, finalists send actual work 
  Judging Criteria- originality and mastery of chosen technique
  Award- $250 to the first place winner in each category, will be featured in
     magazine and possibly exhibited in museum 
  Website- Piecework contest

Bead Star- Beadwork Magazine/Interweave Press
 Overview- Categories in different types of jewelry 
  Deadline- midnight May 23, 2014
  Entry fee- $20
  Categories- TBA
  Submission requirements- work is to have been made in the past year,
     finalists mail work for judging and display
  Judging Criteria- originality, technique, creativity 
  Award- TBA
  Website- Bead Star 

Seed Bead Contest- Fire Mountain Gems 
 Overview- contest open to all entries made with seed beads
  Deadline- April 30, 2014
  Entry fee- no fee, work must use at least 50% materials available from Fire
  Categories- Necklace, Bracelet, Home Decor and Doll, Wedding and Holiday,
      Fashion Accessory 
  Submission requirements- photograph, finalists send actual piece for judging
     and photographs
  Judging Criteria- technique, use of products, wearability, aesthetics, style
  Judges- Fire Mountain Gems
  Award- top prize $1000 Fire Mountain Gems gift certificate, piece will be
     used in magazine ads and catalogs internationally
  Website- seed bead contest

Fashion Colorworks 2014- My Lovely Beads
 Overview- open to all beaders around world, contestants must select from one of three color
     triads to create their entry
  Deadline- April 1- June 15, 2014
  Entry fee- no fee
  Categories- seed bead jewelry, finished jewelry, seed bead objects. 
  Submission requirements- up to nine entries, one from each category and triad, made after May
     2013, original work not already entered in other contests or in print, photographs to be
  Judging criteria- use of colors, composition and originality, use of technique, use of materials,
     overall impression
  Judges- Eva Maria Keiser, Marsha Wiest-Hines, Patrick Duggan, Anneta Valious, Patrizia Tager
  Award- each category has monetary awards from sponsors up to $250
  Website- Fashion Colorworks 2014

British Bead Awards- Bead Magazine
 Overview- Looks to highlight the direction of bead working
  Deadline- September 5, 2014
  Entry fee- £10, 
  Categories- Finished Jewellery, Beyond Beads
  Submission requirements- photographs, finalists mail entry for judging and
     display at show
  Judging criteria-
  Award- crystal trophy and goody bag from sponsor worth £250
  Website- British Bead Awards

Ugly Necklace Contest- Land of Odds
 Overview- To make the ugliest necklace possible using 75% beads
  Deadline- August 31, 2014
  Entry fee- no fee
  Categories- special points given for necklaces made with beads under one
     and a half inch
  Submission requirements- three photos, must also write a poem
  Judging criteria- hideousness, violations of good design principles, use of
     colors and materials, quality of poem
  Judges- Panel from The Center of Beadwork and Jewelry Arts
  Award- $992.93 Land of Odds shopping spree
  Website- Land of Odds

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