Friday, October 25, 2013

Sugar Skull contest

A recent newsletter from Shipwreck Beads announced their Sugar Skull contest. I wasn't sure what they were, so I looked it up. Turns out it is a skull made from sugar decorated with colored sugar designs created to honor the deceased family members on the Day of the Dead. Most years this would be a challenge I would skip, but this year it seems appropriate. 
Many of the stylized versions of this theme that are depicted on t-shirts and the like feature flowers. When I searched for "Calaveras de azucar" the images were more like cake frosting flowers and ribbons in bright colors. The contest specifies that 75% of the material used be items for sale at Shipwreck, so I gathered up beads that I bought from them and made some flowers. I found a plastic skull at Kmart that was kind of creepy- I kept a sheet over it when I was working nearby. Once it was finished I really liked it, and I put it on top of my bookshelf so I will see it often.
My grandmother, Evelyn, passed at the age of 92. My interest in needle craft comes from her; many summer days were spent at her house learning to knit, do embroidery and make all sorts of wonderfully fun crafts. She also had beautiful flower gardens. It seemed fitting to make this in her memory. 

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