Friday, August 28, 2015

Tackling the bead stash

Over the last year I have met a lot of people who share my passion for beads. After friending many bead people on Facebook I began seeing posts of beaded works made for the OTTBS challenge. When I finally figured out OTTBS stood for Operation Tackle That Bead Stash, I went to their blog. It seems that there is a monthly theme, and August was purple, green, blue and black. They had me at purple and green. There was also a twist, but I didn't have any spike beads and my bead stash is already large enough that I decided to limit my entry to what I had on hand. There are a lot of purples and greens to choose from, but I was influenced by the photo on the blog and used those shades. They are my favorites anyway, so it was an easy color way to work with. I started with flowers, it helps me think and I end up with usable components. I wanted to use a pretty shade rivoli, something I always have trouble with. After wrapping it, I decided to make a pendant using the flowers. I ended up with a cute component and I stitched an simple edged RAW chain to hang it from. Something was missing, the bottom was too wide. A perfect place for the spike bead, so I searched for a substitute, I know I have some crystals in the right shape but I could not find them. I finally came across a vintage glass drop that was the perfect shade green, so I added it to the bottom of the pendant. I like the overall shape much better with it, and I used a drop I never thought I'd find a place for. Win, win. I am psyched I found some inspiration, and was able to use up some beads. I am looking forward to participating in future challenges. 

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