Saturday, November 16, 2013

Haute Couture Reveal

My entry for the Haute Couture contest was actually done a day earlier than I had expected which turned out well as it took all day Thursday to take the photos. I seriously took over 800 pictures. The light changes the colors, especially the background, and the pictures from different times of the day reflect that. Also, I think the memory card makes a difference too, kind of like using Fuji film compared to Kodak. I was having problems with the colors but it wasn't until the camera kept freezing that I remembered I had switched the Sandisc extreme 3 card for a pro master card the other day. When I switched back the color was more saturated and also more representative of the actual bead colors. I had been experimenting with the magic wand tool in Photoshop but I didn't like the posterization effect so I left the backgrounds alone. Like I said, I am glad I saved a whole day for photos because I certainly needed it.
The finished necklace was pretty much what I had envisioned, only less embellished. I had wanted to add the stars behind the crystals on the braided chain but that looked wrong. In the end the necklace was more understated than I thought it would be, but I like the outcome. It is extremely wearable and somehow the colors work well together.   
The entries are posted on the Haute Couture Beading Contest Facebook page.

My daughter, Autumn, was kind enough to be my model.

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