Friday, November 1, 2013

From a postcard

The monthly Etsy Bead-weavers challenge is one of the beading blogs that I have been following. I find it is an interesting kind of market research; to see which designs are the most favored by the general public and which the bead weaving team chooses is useful, my favorites are usually ones that get the least votes, but I am not very mainstream. I like to work on the projects and try to complete them by the deadline even though I don't have an Etsy shop for my beadwork. The October challenge was proposed by Marsha of Haute Ice Beadwork. The title is "Picture Postcard Palette" and it asks you to create a piece of beadwork based on a postcard, not to reproduce the picture, intstead she invites you to use the colors and their distribution amounts on the card to create your beadwork. An interesting proposal, except I don't have many postcards, especially not of places. The only one I could find that wasn't a show announcement or bead store advertisement was of a tie-dye tapestry by James Preston. He has been creating tie-dye for many years and is the former owner of Positively Haight Street in San Francisco. The postcard is mainly blue and white in pretty much equal amounts with purple accents on a black base. I found the perfect aqua blue in a Czech bead. For the black and purple I decided to try out some of the superduo beads I have been buying recently. I also used some size 11 and 15 white. 

Even though I wasn't trying to copy the pattern the finished tiles had obvious influence from the pattern of the tie dye. I decided to make the components square because I have been seeing a lot of round designs with the super duos. I like to use the two holes independently; I work with each hole as if it were a single bead instead of working the thread from one hole to the other on each bead. i am not sure what the finished piece will be, maybe a bracelet.

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