Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Images from Space

Last weekend while sitting in the darkness away from city lights, waiting for NASA to launch a rocket to the moon, I could see the night sky filled with stars. The band of the Milky Way rose into the sky from the launch pad, and the launch looked like this. It was quite spectacular. The pictures from the space telescopes are some of my favorite images. One of the beaders who inspired me when  I first began beading was Virgina Blakelock. This piece in particular, Galaxy NGC1300, a circular collar loomed out of something like size 22 vintage seed beads, impressed me. Determined to create something just as awesome I bought her book, Those Bad, Bad Beads, built a loom that was wide enough for 150 beads per row and began beading. Soon I discovered it was difficult to find enough time to work that many beads in one row, not to mention frustration of having a bead in the middle of a row with its hole too small. And what do you do with the loom strings? After making a few pieces I decided loomwork wasn't my favorite thing. Eventually I discovered square stitch and using that with delica beads was a lot more satisfying. I finally was able to create beaded panels that were easy to work on and had square edges.
One of my favorite nebula pictures is The Cygnus Loop from the Hubble telescope featured at the Astronomy Picture of the Day. I had done drawings of it and seemed a good selection for beadwork.
I made this piece in 2001.

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