Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Beads, especially seed beads, are all about color and how one color interacts with other colors. Somewhere in my travels through the web I came across a site that takes your photos and generates a color palette. Not a new idea, but this one is free to use and it gives you an idea of different colors present in a photo that is very useful when trying to create more realistic color effects.
The Color Palette Generator from Big Huge Labs is available on their website. 
This is a screen shot of a photo and the color palette that was generated using it.

                 There was a lot of background color in the butterfly photo and the palette reflects that.
                           The color noise can be eliminated by using a close up image like this flower.

There are lots of other fun tools on the website. One will take your photo and put a circle grid over it so you get a sort of beaded effect. It's good for a quick look, but the resulting image is kind of grayed out. It does give a general idea though and it's easy enough to do.

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